Get ahead of your competitors with targeted Website optimisation

Are your competitors appearing above you when a potential customer performs a search on Google? Google searches are the number 1 source of traffic for most websites, and if your website is not near the top of a potential customers search results, then you aren’t reaping the benefits. Search engine optimisation is the answer.

With thousands of businesses all vying for the top spot, how can you stand out? Using proven methods of website optimisation, I can help you get the edge on your competitors and reap the rewards of being at the top of Google.

The process of search engine optimisation starts with on-site optmisation and content development, through to the structure of your website and the way the content is interlinked. I can also optimise the speed and mobile friendlyness of your website. The next step is to build links fro other wbesites, and periodic blogging to ensure that you always have fresh, informative and relevent content available when Google and your customers visit.


Search Engine Optimisation is vital for any website.

Website Analysis

Step 1 – Website Analysis

I will analyse your website to make sure it has the correct focus for your business and your customer base, in preparation for optimisation.


Keyword Research

Step 2 – Keyword Research

Finding out what your customers are actually searching for is key – this step will identify the keywords that we will optimise for.


Website Structure

Step 3 – Website Structure

Removing errors, making sure all the content is correctly linked and is easily accessible. Good website structure is a key factor to ranking.


Content Development

Step 4 – Content Development

Optimising the content on your website to ensure that search engines and customers see only the best and most relevent informatin.


Step 5 – Blogging

Monthly, fortnightly, even weekly blogging will tell search engines & customers alike that your website is a constant source of new info.

Analysis and Reporting

Step 6 – Analysis & Reporting

I will create periodic reports which will tell you how well your SEO campaign and specified keywords are performing..

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